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Winter Is Here... And We Are Sad

It’s been a whole month of shows, plus our first weekend out of town with the whole crew; the four of us, one girlfriend, and two dogs... it was a packed house, or bus rather. We met some awesome people this weekend in Dawson Creek and Taylor. We were told we have to call the bus “The Roadhouse” and every time we don’t call it that we have to shotgun a beer... Apparently it’s a rule and so far none of us remember, so it seems like we will be drinking a lot of beer over the next few months. That has to be the most fun part about being on the road - going everywhere and meeting people. What other job allows you to travel from city to city just to party with people you’ve never met before? Most people tend to keep to themselves, but not when you’re the band! It’s “part of the job” to socialize or network, but not really. I’m pretty happy people invite us to party with them and want to get to know us otherwise it wouldn’t be very much fun.

Aside from the party, there was a lot of super nintendo, a few home cooked meals, and 3 nights of us kicking ourselves for not bringing our space heater. We have a furnace on the bus, but it’s much easier to keep a consistent warmth when you’re plugged in and the space heater is running. Rob and I actually lived in our van last winter (just while on the road for a week) in -40 celcius. I know a lot of people were concerned about us, but with the space heater we might have well been in shorts. It keeps it super cozy and warm. So this weekend was a reminder that we should be bringing it. I don’t think we will forget next time. Even with the furnace on, at times you could see your breath. But we made it! Snow storm and all. The roads weren’t the greatest and it was cold, but we had a really fun trip. Possibly the best part of being in a band is the friendships. Living in confined space definitely tests that, but it seems like we’ll be just fine. I am a little OCD about putting things in their designated space, but you have to do that or you’ll constantly be stepping on or over things left lying around. I think everyone is slowly getting used to that.

Now we have one weekend home and then we take off again up the highway back to Fort St. John. We come home again so Jacob can go to work (haha sucker) and then at the end of the month we take off for a week with stops in Fort Nelson, Dawson Creek again on our way back through, then a day off as we drive through the mountains to Jasper. We play a night (and party in Jasper for Jon’s birthday!) and then head home again. It’s going to be a longer trip, but I can’t wait. Having that Monday off so we can take our time driving from Dawson Creek to Jasper is going to be great too. We should be able to stop and do something touristy while we’re there so that will be awesome. If we’re going to be stuck in Alberta weather this winter, we should at least enjoy it. Freezing our butts off this weekend also was a reminder that we should probably make this our last winter up North. As much as the border gave us a hard time when we tried to go down just on a holiday, if I book a solid tour, plan to actually work, and gets visas it shouldn’t be a problem. So maybe we’ll go south next winter. It would sure beat loading in and out in this mess!!!