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Waste... and how it drives me crazy

I’m going to try to keep this blog concise, but due to lack of sleep from a ton of driving and playing this last week, it may turn into a rant. You have been warned.

We just got home from a pig roast and dance that we played as Two Bad Apples. The event was great and totally sold out. Food was amazing and everyone danced all night. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s events like these that make the duo thing fun. It was awesome. On the way home we passed by Stony Plain where I grew up and I saw a road that’s been under construction for a very long time. A year? Not sure. But it looks like they might finally be done and opening it back up. I may be the only one that gets upset over things like this, but I have no idea why they feel the need to put a bunch of concrete medians on every road. Do they have a special deal with the concrete companies?? That road was a gravel road for a long time and while I see the benefits of paving it, a bunch of concrete seems like more of a hassel and total waste of money than anything. Tax dollars at work.

I try to stay out of conversations about politics. Love or hate our politicians, you’re stuck with them and nothing you can do about it. I do wonder who raised these people sometimes though. It seems like I’m surrounded by people who have always had everything they ever wanted and have never had to have multiple jobs to make ends meet or wonder where their next paycheque is coming from. I’m not bitching about money... but maybe about waste. There’s so much waste, including the concrete on the roads, or the curbs in parking lots. What is the purpose of any of this?? I don’t think there’s a single good reason, and I’m saying GOOD reason so don’t give me the bullshit things they tell you they’re for. I had a friend die in a car accident because he crossed the centre line and I still don’t think having a stupid piece of concrete there is useful. These are roads in a small town where you’re not driving over 60km anyways, not highways. I have driven down at least 5 streets that didn’t have a median on it and I did just fine. JUST FINE.

The other thing that wastes a lot are traffic lights. Tell me why at 2am on a main highway you need a red light on a road that isn’t even open yet. Another deal with oil companies? Gas prices up in Fort Nelson last weekend were $1.53 and though they seemed somewhat “normal” at $1.19 back in Edmonton after the long weekend was over, they’re back up to $1.36 for this weekend. But we’re told to drive less and walk to work. Good luck with that. I’d use less gas if I wasn’t stopping at a red light in the middle of nowhere when we’re the only vehicle on the road.

I try to live my life using everything I can to the fullest extent possible. When I cook a chicken, I save the bones and boil them for soup, and usually there will be drippings from the actual cooking of it and I make that into something too. I grow my own veggies out back and if I was home enough dammit I’d have chickens and get my own eggs. I don’t like waste. We have very little garbage at our house since we don’t buy processed foods. It is probably my biggest pet peeve to see someone throwing something out that is still useful or edible... or buying stupid center pieces and decorations that you’ll only use once... but don’t get me started on that. Basically it comes down to buying crap you don’t need, which is why all these fake holidays are stupid too. Just another reason to go spend money on something that person is going to re-gift anyways until it finds its way into the landfill or ocean. It’s all the same.

I know our income relies on us being able to travel, so yes I’m stuck paying whatever they want to charge for gas and I know I’m not the only one in this boat. I’m preaching to the choir on this one. I just think we have our values wrong. I don’t like that people can’t sell their perfectly good house from the 70’s because everyone wants to custom design their own NEW house. Or that if our 83 van, the Blue Beast, was in an accident, big or small, it would be written off just because it’s an old vehicle. You can’t even get full insurance on it! Only liability! You’re being forced into new everywhere you look, either by peer pressure of having to keep up with people (which I refuse to do) or by companies and governments that tell you how it’s going to be. The one positive thing I can say from so many people having been brainwashed into this mentality is the amazing deal we got the bus for. It’s a 96 so it’s old enough that people might as well just get something new, but not old enough to be worth nothing, so we did end up getting a killer deal on it. I feel like that happened when we bought our house and the van too. We love what we have and are very wealthy in family, friends, and supporters. We even found an old piano to put in our old house when we bought it... for FREE! lol so I guess this just teaches us that when you get old you have no value anymore... sorry old folks. Like I said, we got it all figured out. Is there an emoji that rolls its eyes??? Insert here.

Anyways, what does this have to do with music? Nothing I guess. Or maybe it does, but I am way too tired to think of the correlation. If you think of it, let me know.