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This Week In A Nutshell

So this week definitely had some attitude. That’s right. A week can have attitude… I don’t know how else to describe it because it was particularly difficult, but it made us get shit done. Tuesday our Trivia Answer included a video of Max as he was the topic and we got another person asking “when will you be releasing music???” We’ve had a few of these and so we thought ok let’s get it together and put something out. It’s not like we haven’t been working on it, but Rob’s been trying to work a little on every song all the time. So now he’s switched his focus to finishing them one at a time and really, now that one is complete and he’s not allowed to go back and fix things anymore (cause I don’t know if he’d ever be done if I let him keep working) it seems like he’ll be done the rest in no time. So we made a plan to release our first song THIS MONDAY! We’ll have the Lyric Video I made released on YouTube and it’ll be available to stream on our website too. Very exciting!

That was Tuesday… Wednesday our drummer quit. Which was an ok thing. It’s like the band was in the earliest stage of dating where if someone says “hey this isn’t working for me” you just shrug and say ok then. Jacob was a little worried, but I told him not to be. We know so many people and all those people know people and really there has got to be someone out there who just wants to play. I talked to a few pros who seemed like they have been around for a while and would do it to “help me out” - but that’s not what I want. I told Rob, I just want a young guy who wants it bad. Who wants to go and play and make noise and get people’s attention and have fun and just do it because they love it. He looked at me and said “you know who you’re describing…” and I didn’t know who I was describing, but when he said “That’s Marc,” I knew he was right. We knew Marc about 3 or so years ago and we played a few gigs together, but then Rob & I joined another band and then did the Two Bad Apples thing so we never got around to doing much with him. When I called him Friday, his attitude was exactly as I remember it and I knew he was going to be perfect.

Saturday morning I finished the lyric video, which was a pain in the ass considering the software issues I was having… oh and the power went out Friday night when I was in the middle of things. Not that my software wouldn’t work, but I couldn’t put it up because the internet died. Don’t worry though, power is back… obviously lol. Marc came to jam out some tunes Saturday and we had such a blast jamming - there was no denying that this is a perfect fit. The jam was fun, we all had a good supper together, took a new band photo, and made a video for our YouTube Trailer, which turned into another video of outtakes lol. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it already. I can’t believe how much these guys make me laugh. I am so pumped to hit the road with them and play shows. TOTALLY PUMPED!

So while the week threw some challenges at us, I feel we came out ahead. WAY ahead. If something isn’t right sometimes we get stuck going along with it, but then something better comes along and it’s so obvious to everyone involved how easy things become. Everything just falls into place when it’s meant to be. We have no hard feelings towards Ryley and wish him the best with his other band. But we gotta admit, Marc fits with us like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s hard to see how we were ever were without him. I hope that you feel the same when we see you on the road!