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There's A Mountain In My Hand...

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Have you ever thought about the evolution of technology? Of course you have. I think everyone has had some kind of conversation with others or with themselves about their own personal use of technology now vs when they were a kid - and many of us are looking around at younger generations, blown away because they are glued to some electronic device. It's a mindset that will hinder you in business, or possibly personally, though I haven't really thought about the personal repercussions. I've continued my research over the past few weeks since that's all I can really do while Rob's recording and I've stumbled upon Gary Vaynerchuk AKA "Gary Vee" and I've come to one conclusion; He is the man!

I mentioned Steve Vai in my last post. One of the things he said that is worth mentioning is how people view technology. If you see social media and techology in general as a hinderance to getting your music heard, it will be. If you see it as an aid, it will be. Gary Vee not only echoes this, but has taken it to another level, telling people exactly how to use Facebook and Instagram (among others) to boost their business. He gives all his expertise away for free because the knowledge is not enough to make yourself a success. You must be able to execute it over hours and years of hard work. I knew a bit about growing social media, but my eyes have just been opened to the massive potential there is for creating fans. Not followers! Fans - you make by establishing relationships - all around the world! Isn’t it crazy that you can execute an entire marketing strategy from your couch (or in our case more likely the passenger seat as we head out on the road). And it’s all about providing value, so we are going to be very busy when the album is actually done with everything that is needed to support it. If you’re an artist, go do some research of your own. It will change the way you look at your business.

In one of my earliest blogs I mentioned that female artists, and really that should be extended to all artists, need to actually support each other, not just pretend to support each other. It got me thinking that I better walk the walk, not just talk the talk. So in the next few months, likely when the album has been completed and sent off to be mastered, we will be starting a Vlog/Podcast that will incorporate other artists and give them a platform to promote their work, upcoming shows, or whatever they want to talk about. We want to build up our community and this seems like a great way to get others involved. Rob will be hosting most of these interview sessions since he is far more knowledgeable about things that might come up like gear or engineering. I could talk your ear off about gardening and business strategies, but I’ll save that for twitter… We may do these interviews on the road too, so just because you’re not a local artist, doesn’t mean that this exchange of ideas isn’t for you. If you’re interested in being featured on an episode please give us a shout and we’ll schedule you in!

It’s a crazy time to be a musician. Technology has no doubt changed everything, but we’re equipped with a new found appreciation for it and are marching on. The future is friendly! We’ll see you there!