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The Little Red Hen

This week has been one of setbacks... Nothing we’re not used to, but still aggravating. Having been in the music industry for a few years myself, and Rob quite awhile longer, we have seen the way it chews you up and spits you out. Jacob on the other hand is still very naive and optimistic. His views keep us going sometimes. I just hope we don’t ruin him lol. I sent him a video this week, an animated video of the story “The Little Red Hen”. Rob and I quote this quite a bit. I know it’s a children’s book, but it’s just so applicable... No one wants to help her plant the wheat, harvest the wheat, mill the wheat, or bake the bread, but everyone wants some bread when all the work is done. Isn’t that life? I told Jacob someone needs to make an “adult version” and he said, there is one. It’s called Lead Hammer... which is track 6 on our album lol. But it may also be any one of the 14 tracks on the album. So much of it was written around the idea that we’re constantly being bullied or pushed into situations we can’t control or put down by everyone around us so we fail and make them look like they’re succeeding... I guess that’s an underlying feeling we’ve both always had in life. I wanted to dissect one of our songs this week because of this.

Track 12 is called “Heavy Metal Superpower” and it tells the story of someone working their ass off to get somewhere REGARDLESS of how many people say it’s impossible or trying to hold you back from being the best you can be. Pushing through when you get “no’s” everywhere you go truly is the superpower.

Set up a kick back

A lock I pick at

To earn all that money buys

Working out the end game

Engrave my name

A rock n roll nobel prize

And they hold me back

And they tie me down

To the arms of an electric chair

And they pull the switch

And they turn it on

And I suck it all in, but I ain’t dying

It’s my heavy metal superpower

I like the imagery that Rob used. On a day like today when I’m feeling like everyone wants to watch us fail, I think about this song... and remember that I have this superpower... so to people who just want to watch others burn, I will tell you in person next time I see you what I think of that... and for those who support us no matter what and love our music, thanks! We need every bit of positive energy we can get right now lol. We really appreciate what we have and everything we can see in front of us. It’s just depressing thinking that lacking a member could hold us back... what do you do?

I will say this... whether we find a drummer or not, the show will go on. We are not going to allow others to stop us before we even get started. We will continue the search, but I’m not lowering my standards or expectations. I believe (and have had my beliefs confirmed by other respected musicians) that I am not asking too much to say I just want someone who loves the music and wants to go play and isn’t afraid to put in the time and effort to get where we’re going. We’re not about to bake the bread ourselves and then hand it to someone else who doesn’t want to work for it.

So I’m going to try to go into this next week with some optimism. On a positive note, we have been working on some events with a few venues and some of them couldn't care less if we have a drummer or not lol. So as silly as it seems, maybe this will be one of the first rock bands in history to not have a drummer... We’ll still have drums. Rob will have played them beforehand though. Sounds like a plan to me. What else do you do when no one wants to play music? Some people might think this is cheesy, but to those people, I invite them to come play for us. Oh... you can’t come play for us? Well then I revert back to Lead Hammer... when we release this song you’ll understand why we refer to it so often. But I’ll keep you in suspense until we do! Till next week...