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The Album Is Written

Well we’re almost at the end of January and we are so happy we didn’t go to the States. Sorry American friends. We would have loved to visit with y’all, but we ended up writing a full album in a very short time, which was totally worth the hassel of not going on a vacation. With 15 tracks recorded in their most basic form, now it’s time to re-write, add the actual drums, and get all the guitar tones just right. February will be a month spent polishing and getting everything ready for distribution. A week ago I wasn’t sure we had anything I wanted to show anyone, but Rob bounced all the files down so I could listen to them on one playlist; I was very surprised at how much I really liked them. And then he wrote 3 or 4 more than brought it to a whole other level. 

It’s a crazy thing, setting out to write an album, with an unknown timeline, but then achieving what you want in a relatively good amount of time. We have missed most of the festival deadlines for this summer, but I’m glad we will have it done soon anyways. This means we can spend some time making videos, playing locally, oh and getting the right players. That may be the most important and first step before anything happens. We’ll be looking for people to play bass and drums (I think - Rob plays everything so he could play one of those if we found a guitar player we just couldn’t pass up). So if you were wondering why we don’t have a proper photo yet, it’s because we don’t have all our members. We wanted to make the album first and then find the players (not unlike what Jimmy Page or Dave Grohl have done in the past). We considered putting a cover on the album, but ultimately decided not to. With 15 tracks, I think it’s long enough. Some people might say it’s too long, but when we listen to every song, it’s hard to take any of them off. They’re all great songs in our opinion. And believe me, we wrote far more than 15 songs - some were so bad I don’t even want to talk about it lol. But that’s how you create. Write everything that comes to mind; some will be terrible and some will be great. The last thing you want to be is okay.

I’m really looking forward to having a product to share with people soon. Let’s hope everyone loves it as much as we do!