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It’s June and that means it’s time to get serious... seriously. I’m going to be blogging every Sunday and hopefully our week will have been eventful enough (actually it always is) so I’m not boring anyone. I’m not sure how other musicians keep track of their days. If I didn’t have my google calendar reminding me of the “Sunday Tasks” I have to accomplish I wouldn’t even know what day it was most of the time. The last 3 days flew by. We had a full weekend of duo gigs as Two Bad Apples and as usual, every night was completely different.

Thursday we started out in Morinville and played our last Thursday for a while. We’ve been playing every second Thursday for the past 4 months or so and it’s time to take a break for summer. This is always a good show; not a rock concert, but nice because we attract an older crowd and end up playing a lot of 50’s and 60’s. It’s easy enough to do on acoustic guitars and it’s a ton of fun to play. Remember doo-wop? Yeah. Fun. We also had a family member just turn 18 and it was her first time out at a bar to see us play. You may see her out on tour with us at some point, as she is an aspiring artist herself.

Friday we ventured North to Athabasca to play Neighbour’s Pub. We’ve been playing here the first Friday of the month, though the schedule is changing soon. This is a young, small town crowd; meaning, if a few people come out, everyone comes out and if there’s a party somewhere else, we play to ourselves and go home early. We’ve only had the later happen once in 2 years lol! We have a good time every time we play here and are looking forward to doing a huge rockshow with FGJ for Halloween. So much of our covers list for FGJ has been inspired from this room. We always end up playing a lot of 90’s and for some reason, Avril Lavigne (whether it’s a serious request or not??) has become a staple... only in Athabasca.

Saturday we headed SW to Sunnybrook Hall. Right upon arrival I thought this is a great venue. I have to keep it in mind for when we start putting on our own ticketted events. The set up was great for a duo or a band since it had a big stage and a lot of space out front. The organizers of this fundraiser worked really hard and subsequently partied hard. We raised a lot of money for a gal and her two young daughters (both of which were just fascinated by live music). It was a great night and we were exhausted by the end of it. Those people knew how to party!! Events like this are so great and we look forward to them every time. The only bump in the road was the fireworks because #MaxTheDawg does not do well with the loud popping sounds...

Having Max around keeps us from being lazy after a weekend full of travel and setting up and tearing down and setting up and tearing down and... you get it. Come Sunday I don’t always want to get off my butt and go do something, but this crazy dog has a routine and he doesn’t let us stray from it! After breakfast he gives us about 5 minutes to sit down before he starts yelling about his daily w-a-l-k. So out we go. Even when there’s things that have to get done (like drive to the gig), strolling around town with a bag of poop in one hand and a leash in the other is just the perfect way to get ready for the day ahead lol. And we owe it to him. He has to sit in the van (which he loves) all weekend while we play. I’ve explained to him many times that he doesn’t get t-r-e-a-t-s if we don’t “make the money”. I don’t think he gets it, but that’s ok. He makes sure we don’t get too lost in what we’re doing and still take time to go for a walk every day and we love him for that and so many other reasons... like kicking his back legs in the air as he rolls in the grass. That’s a summer favourite! Just look at that face... He’s a celebrity everywhere we go!

It really is great that he can come along with us everywhere. He’s the reason we bought the Vansion AKA the Blue Beast in the first place. Within the next few months we’ll be purchasing a large bus/motorhome of some sort to allow the band to travel the same way we do currently. Having your own accomoodations everywhere you go is priceless. It adds a fearlessness to booking since I know we have a place to sleep in between gigs and I can cook on the road. We’ll have to do one of our upcoming Vlogs about #VanLife that we love so much. Did you know we actually considered selling our house and living in the van just because! Lol not because we can’t afford our house... The van is just that awesome. I’m glad we didn’t, but maybe if we had a bus... But then where would we record?? Ok, so maybe we’re not in any hurry to sell the house and be complete gypsies, but taking a bus across Canada is a start. Let’s see how that goes and then we’ll talk.