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Every morning Rob and I get up and listen to different records over breakfast. The variety he has collected over the years is all over the place. The collection is in alphabetical order, so near the end of the A’s we listened to “Asia” yesterday which was neat because I knew some of the songs, but would have never connected them to the group name. Into the B’s we came across Bachman Turner Overdrive, followed by Beethoven lol... We skipped that one for now. Maybe we’ll come back to it at some point.

Anyways, the BTO albums we listened to were really interesting. I recognized the hits and knew who we were listening to, however, there were a few songs in between that sounded like a whole other band altogether. The album yesterday made me think we might have been listening to Frank Zappa or something along those lines, but it was a little off, so I knew it wasn’t him. Then a well known BTO hit comes on and confuses the heck out of me... Today the album had some hits, followed by some extremely jazzy tunes. Like actual full out jazz. Crazy! And how awesome.

While Rob was creating our album it came up a few times, how are we going to fit all these songs together? They’re all so different from each other. Maybe we should make multiple albums and try to group them with the ones that are similar, but that made no sense. The more you go back and look at classic artists, the more you see that they just made music, regardless of the sub genre they fit into. Sitting at the bar today getting ready to play, Queen came on the radio. “You’re My Best Friend” is such an easy listening, almost cheesy song. Compare that to the album we were listening to about a month ago and it’s hard to believe this is the same band. Growing up with kung fu demonstrations to “Mustafa”, which is basically progressive rock by Queen was neat, but I didn’t realize it was Queen until a few years ago because it doesn’t sound like them, as I knew them.

There are so many bands that appear one way or have a reputation, but contradict that reputation at the same time. Led Zeppelin is one of the hardest rock bands of all time... until you listen to “Going To California”, “Rain Song”, “No Quarter” or “D’yer Maker” which is reggae, or “Hotdog” which is their country song! LOL yep whether they were making fun of country or just doing it because why not, Zep put out a country song and it’s actually really good. I could go through their entire discography and find exceptions to the reputation they have as a hard hitting rock band, but I’ll save for another time.

That’s why it’s so difficult to find a genre, or rather a sub genre, for any band. Rock. That’s about as vague as it gets, but how do you categorize anything else unless you’re labelling each song? We have songs that are a bit punk rock, yet the guys wouldn’t classify us as a punk rock band. What is punk rock? Is it the Ramones and Sex Pistols? Or is it Rise Against and Flogging Molly? Or Green Day and The Offspring? There’s so many versions of punk rock that it’s hard to even compare any of these bands to each other. I guess that is why when people ask us what we sound like we have a few artists we kind of relate to, and people can hear that, so it seems like the description works for now. It would be much easier to classify each song, though I’m sure you could find multiple influences there too. Those of you who are Primus fans, how do you classify that band?? They’re rock... and what else... weird bass country like progressive... uh... I have no idea where to land this thing. Hard to describe, but really cool band. I think some people will hear a bit of Primus influence in our album, and I hope you do. It’s meant as a nod to a great band and hopefully people who have never heard of them will go look them up because of us. They really are neat.

Anyways, just some thoughts on how useless pigeon-holing yourself into sub genres is. Anything that is that difficult isn’t meant to be!