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Science Vs. Art

I haven't created a post in a while. We played some really amazing shows, as Two Bad Apples, that took us to BC for a couple weeks. Since we've been back it's straight into the studio, trying to get as much done on our week off before we head out again. It seems like the second we get home everyone knows where we are and we end up visiting with family and friends, when we really need to be working on our business. I guess that's the problem with working from home. And believe me, I'm happy to see people, but we have dealines to meet! That last part isn't actually true... We never set a timeline for the album to be done. Rob is a perfectionist and is going to make this album noteworthy no matter how long it takes, so I have to encourage him to work quickly, without rushing him. It’ll be done when it’s done. It’s hard for him to be the producer and also play every instrument in. It’s not like he plays a guitar track and then the producer takes over and we can go back to playing full time. He’s juggling a lot of hats right now and there’s never enough time in a day.

In our travels recently I discovered through talking with someone about songwriting, that Rob is indeed the better songwriter, I think because he is far more creative, while I am far more business minded. Science vs art - and we'll need both, so it's good thing. He gives me credit for co-writing all the songs on the album with him. The reality of it is he wrote most of them and then I look at his lyrics and say “what does this mean, where are you going with this, etc” and from there I fill in the holes or correct lines that don’t make sense. He intentionally writes with “filler” to go along with his melody instead of stopping his momentum to work on each line until it is immaculately crafted. This generally works pretty well for us. I wouldn’t call it co-writing, but I’ll take the credit if he’s going to give it to me. I ultimately have to sing these words, so the final say is mine.

We’ve watched some really great YouTube interviews lately that are inspiring and educational at the same time - and even within those we have differing ideas of what we need to learn. He grabbed interviews with Steve Vai and Kenny Aronoff, while I watched a business workshop with Dan Lok. All of which were very educational. I may not care much about guitar tones or how different sticks create different sounds, but it’s never wasted time listening to a pro. If I noticed anything after all the tech talk, it’s how these guys hold themselves. They are super nice guys, they show up prepared for anything, and they listened to people who were in the industry before them and took in as much advice as possible when they were young.

So Rob’s downstairs playing tracks over and over until the neighbours are sick of them and I’m in a room being as quiet as possible, coming up with ideas to expand business. It’s kind of an odd thing… growing a business that doesn’t have a product to sell yet. I have a list of ideas and am getting more and more excited as we get closer to the start of it all. Rob will be done his work and mine will just be beginning. I’d share more, but it will have to wait until we’re ready to do some rolling out.