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On The Eve of Our First Show

I’ve held off blogging these past few weeks for a couple reasons. We’ve been so busy getting all our merch and cds ordered, dealing with SOCAN and all the digital distribution things that need to happen, and then countless hours rehearsing. For Rob and I, we’ve been working on this album since January and we’ve been trying to put the band together since May. Time has flown, but it’s also been a long road. To finally feel like we’re getting somewhere is an understatement. We teased it a bit, but never officially announced that we did find a drummer. He says he wants to stay anonymous, though how do you do that when you play every show?? But anyways, he’s an excellent drummer and we’re extremely happy he came along when he did. We had played with the idea of not having a drummer and going out anyways to make a point that we will make it work no matter what. The truth is, we are all really happy it didn’t come to that.

I’ve personally spent the last 9 months getting ready. Was it like being pregnant?? 9 months of doing little things every day to make sure that when the project is finally released into the world it will be presented in the best way possible. There were a lot of expenses to get ready, but unlike a lot of business start ups we managed to do it all without going into debt. I know starting a band is a little different, but why? You’re creating a business just like anyone else and if you’re not, then I’m not sure how you expect to make enough money to keep it going. We’re not in it for the money, but you’ll live on the street if you don’t make anything, so it has to be someone’s concern. The band is working together to make the best product possible, though they would yell at me for calling our music a product. And good, they should. But if those 3 continue to work on the music and select cover songs from the perspective of creating art and I nudge it in a direction to make it more marketable every now and then, then we’re doing a good job. I am the one that has to book us after all.

So I’m off topic... The eve of our first show. We’ve been rehearsing like mad and we are ready. These first shows I booked to get the nerves out. Rob and I have been performing for years, but who knows how anyone else will do on stage without a whole bunch of experience. We’re playing every Wednesday at Bunkers Sports Bar in North Edmonton and every Thursday at Rednex in Morinville for the next 12 weeks. We start now and finish right before Christmas. Not to say we won’t continue after that point, but that’s the extent of the contract I negotiated for now anyways. We have a few weekend shows here and there along the way too, but these weekday shows will be our test point for the live light show and a set list that will be evolving over time. It’s an amazing feeling to be at the point of going out and playing finally. We still have a lot of Two Bad Apples shows up until the end of December, but at least we’re on our way. Every single thing we have done in the last 9 months was to bring us to this point. There’s been a ton of heart break and struggle, sacrificed date nights, (days where it seemed like Rob and I didn’t even see each other because we’re working on different things) and then spending all our pennies on lights, a bigger PA, a bus, banners, advertising, marketing courses, etc etc etc... It’s been a lot of work and so on the night before our first show, maybe I should sit back and enjoy knowing that tomorrow, it will all have been worth it. Maybe tomorrow’s show won’t be the most spectacular show, or maybe it will be. We won’t know until we actually go out and do it. It is a “live rehearsal” after all. I don’t think it should feel like a rehearsal though. We’re ready.

It’s the beginning of a new era for us. One where I can get out all my pent up anger for the world by screaming out some rock every night. It was the only way we could continue music. Pretending that the world is fine, is not fine. Our song selection reflects this too. You’ll hear some Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Rob Zombie, Soundgarden, No Doubt, Our Lady Peace, Sum 41, The Killers, and so many more... It’s a set that is evolving as I mentioned. It’s actually very interesting how we made a list (cause we had to start somewhere) of songs we thought we might play and slowly as we played through them, some started falling off the list because they were too simple or not the right style. We’re really enjoying the angst of grunge and the energy of pop punk. The tunes we’ve selected will no doubt shape our next album, which we will start working on very soon. Getting angry with these songs every night has actually made me a happier person. Maybe being in a rock band and telling everyone how much shit we’re in is the only way I can deal with it. Pretending it’s not there isn’t the answer. But maybe this will work. The biggest surprise to me is actually how much our original songs rock when mixed in with all the covers. They’re definitely the most fun to play. You’ll have to come out and judge for yourself.