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Let's Support Each Other

So most of you know I spend a lot of my time listening to podcasts about business and social marketing while I’m doing other things. I find it keeps me motivated and I’ll always find one more little thing to take away from it. This week the huge point that struck me was that no matter what your business is, you should never view your competitors as enemies. Be competitive, but know that no one is taking money out of your pocket, even if they open the same type of business right across the street from you. I think this is super important in music. The scene is huge and there is room for all of us! It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into the trap of thinking that if one local band gets a break that the rest of us are screwed because there was only one spot. Actually, I don’t think it’s easy to fall into the trap, but it’s easy to be jealous in moments of weakness when we see our peers doing well. The truth is, we need to continuously prop each other up. One person’s success is good for the entire industry. Can you imagine if 4 or 5 (or even more!) local bands exploded out of nowhere? Edmonton would become such a hub for live music! It would lead to more bands being discovered and that would help the scene and on and on.

So what can we do to help out our fellow artists? Everyone leads busy lives and is already preoccupied with promoting their own brand, so why would you listen to me when I tell you should promote other artists too now? Well, it’s not that tough. Maybe it’s as easy as understanding how Facebook works. We all know how Facebook works on the surface, but why do Pages have a harder time sharing their posts? The algorithm is the tough part, but by commenting or sharing another bands post you increase that post’s visibility. I saw a band post a live video of a show this week and it showed up in my feed so I watched a minute or two of it and then left a comment. Pretty simple. Not hard and actually I bet a few more people saw it. Had I shared it to my page, then a few more people would see it. I don’t think we should spend hours promoting each other, but taking one minute to say “hey that was great” is a step in the right direction. It also helps to organize ahead of time, say #FollowFriday we will each share a video from the other band on our pages. That’s easy. Or really when you find a new band, go look at their website. Click on their YouTube link and take a listen, subscribe, and if you really love then share. If we all do this for each other it’s going to be easier to find new fans all around. We all share our favourite new song by The Pretty Reckless or Foo Fighters or whoever and get them new fans. Let’s do the same thing for each other.