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Jekyll & Hyde

This week somebody at a Two Bad Apples show told me they were upset they bought a FGJ shirt awhile ago and now Two Bad Apples are back and that is going to be the project that goes straight to the top... lol. I suppose I shouldn't laugh at people, but how is a silly cover act going to go straight to the top? We sure have a lot of fun as Two Bad Apples, but Feel Good Jacket is really important to us too. I think from an outside perspective people might think it's over for us, but from my view, it's only just getting started. A lot of bands take a while to figure out their membership, or allow their current membership to learn to play their instruments. Rob and I always seem to do things faster than normal. When we wanted to go work on a cruise ship, we applied. 3 weeks later we got a job offer and 3 weeks from then we were boarding a ship. We didn’t have time to sit around and wait for people to learn to play their instruments. Not saying we’re perfect by any means, but we practice a lot and are always working on something that will make the project and our lives better.

I love playing the 90’s/00’s Rock set. We’ve been doing that show as Two Bad Apples and Feel Good Jacket. We even showed up to our venue this week thinking we were Feel Good Jacket only to find the venue had changed it to a Two Bad Apples 90’s/00’s show. Same show. Different name. It’s actually very confusing on my side of things. Maybe it is for you too. It’s just hard to know what to call everything right now. We can’t be 2 different bands in one town, for example; Hay River had us play one show as Two Bad Apples all request variety and then the next night we did the 90’s/00’s set so they know us as Two Bad Apples in that town. The same show in Blackfalds and we are definitely Feel Good Jacket. It has to be two bands though... We’re currently planning a tour down to Texas this winter and we’ll be playing a lot of country and oldies, obviously as Two Bad Apples. Rob has even thought about creating a Two Bad Apples album for these types of fans. Imagine we weren’t two different names and our fans search the band online and find a country album or a hard rock album when they were looking for the other style. That sounds like a mess to me. So it has to be 2 names because we don’t know what we want to do. We want to do it all!! Why be stuck in one genre when they are all so fun.

So while we might be a little all over the place right now, we are working and thinking hard every day to figure out the best way to navigate the confusion. We have another youtube segment ready to roll about our travel adventures travelling around with Mick Jagger (our puppy if you haven’t heard!). The hardest part about continuing “Inside The Jacket” was to know where to put it - Two Bad Apples YouTube or Feel Good Jacket YouTube? I suppose we’ll just pick one and then put it everywhere for people to watch if they want to.

The biggest reason it seems like we dropped Feel Good Jacket (but didn’t) is how frustrated we were with the shows we were playing. I did need a break from it temporarily. Bills, meaning multiple bands each doing a set over the night, is NOT how we want to do this. If we never get as big as the Foo Fighters or get to open for our favourite bands, that might be okay as long as we have fans everywhere we do play. Driving out to Winnipeg to play for 5 people who don’t really care for us isn’t my idea of a good time. If music is going to be our lives, it better be fun and it better be fulfilling. I could waste a ton of my life trying to push us somewhere I don’t even know if I want to go. OR I could just live every day doing what I want. What we want still includes a TON of work... it seriously doesn’t end. From creating drum tracks, to trying to learn all 1800 Two Bad Apples songs on bass (or at least a simplified version), to making new albums and booking tours, applying for work visas, etc... It NEVER ends.

So we have a lot of work to do. And it’s all because we would never be happy standing still anyways. My only rule now is do what makes us happy because the last year was a lot of work and some of it made us happy, but a lot of it was very frustrating. I love our originals and I love the cover set we play. I have no problem rocking out some covers. People will like us or they won’t and that’s always been ok with me. Since we’ve been playing with drum tracks, it’s actually been a cake walk. The drums don’t make any mistakes and we just coast through the songs. The crowds don’t care that there’s not a drummer either. I think playing on bills we received a lot of hostility from other bands based on our lack of drummer, so f*ck em. The blinders are back up and I couldn’t care less what any other band is doing. I love our show, showS I should say since we do so many different types, and I’m super excited about where it’s all going. Feel Good Jacket is not dead. We’re just figuring out how to present everything. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde situation. We need both or we’d go crazy.