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Happy New Year!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote something. When I look back at the last one which was at the beginning of November, I can see why I haven’t written anything since then. I think that is about the time we realized how frustrated we were with the current membership of the band and that something was definitely broken. Feeling that way, I wasn’t in the best space to write anything positive and was spending a lot of time trying to figure out a way to fix it. Then once we did decide to change the band to its current form, well I was a bit busy learning to play bass. While I have not become an expert overnight, I’d say my playing is decent for how long I’ve been at it. I am fortunate enough to have a lot of time to practice while I’m not doing all the business stuff, and I love it. And yes, it’s a 6 string. I’m not crazy. I didn’t choose a 6 string. Well I did, but it was either that or a 4 string and I wanted the low B, so 6 string it was. That’s what was in the house so that’s what you get!

I think most guys don’t have to ever ask themselves this question (to play or not to play) because it’s obvious, a guy should be playing a guitar or something if they’re singing. Very few rock guys actually JUST sing. Some do (Axl, Scott Weiland, Gerard Way to think of a few), but it’s not as common as a girl who just dances around and sings. I thought I wanted to dance around and sing. I know I don’t use sex appeal to front like a lot of women do. This was pointed out by a female friend of mine last week who clearly stated I had no sex appeal on stage lol... I think it was supposed to be a compliment? Not sure. But anyways, I know, and I think that’s why I like playing bass so much. I’ve always wanted to just be one of the guys. I’m not a feminist by any means, but it has always been very important to me that I am equal. I don’t want to be treated like a little girl and I don’t act like a little girl who needs a man to save her. I joke about it, but I know whatever has to be done, I can make it happen completely on my own if necessary. So when we were considering turning the band into a power trio, it was first a question of could I do it, and then is that what I want for the future of the band. Yes and yes. The little red hen strikes again.

I picked up Rob’s bass on November 20 and played my first show December 6. It was difficult, but not because it was difficult to play bass. Playing was actually the easy part. My knowledge of music theory and experience playing acoustic guitar let me sail through the songs easily and naturally. Rob even made a joke that I might have a photographic memory since I was able to learn about 50 songs in such a short time - who knows, maybe I do? The hard part was singing. The album was not written with the intention of the bass and vocals happening at the same time, not that that has stopped me. There are songs I’ve had to work on quite a bit to get both rhythms in my head, but for someone who had played for longer than a few weeks, all the difficulties I had probably wouldn’t have been so tough. I like to think playing bass and singing now puts me in a different league. I have to hold my own and am an equal member of the band. Not that someone who just sings is an less of a musician. I’m not writing this to slag anyone else. It just feels like my job is that much more important now that I have to play too and I really love it. I could play bass all day everyday. Rob once tried to teach me some licks on guitar and he thought I had no discipline because I didn’t practice much. Turns out people don’t put time into something they don’t like... (of course I have discipline - 17 years of kung fu didn’t teach me to be lazy!) I hate playing guitar, lead guitar at least. The strings are too close together and the riffs are too fast. It’s just not my style. Bass is so different. Did I mention I love it? Lol okay enough of that.

Going into 2019 with a positive attitude and a lot of ambition, I am very excited to see where we will go. I have a lot of big plans for us and with the Chinese zodiac back on my side (going into year of the Pig Feb 5 and out of the Dog - Dragon’s and Dog’s do NOT get along) I feel like things will start going very well for the entire band. Dragon’s are naturally charismatic, a leader in any situation, and very lucky. I’ve been told everything I touch turns to gold, and while 2018 wasn’t terrible, we got through it - I wasn’t turning things to gold. I feel like it’s still an uphill climb and we’re going to have to work incredibly hard, but we’ll also start to see it pay off. I never understood how ambition was a bad thing - I still don’t, but that’s okay. If anyone has an issue with me being an ambitious female refer to Lead Hammer. Hahahahaha! That song is my anthem. Happy New Year everyone!