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Gender Equality

Most of you probably recognize Alice Cooper, but who's the girl? That's Nita Strauss his lead guitarist. She's a badass chick. She was part of the Tribute Act "The Iron Maidens" and more recently put together an all girl rock band "We Start Wars" which sounds like it's going to be incredible. Definitely watch for it. I wanted to start today's post with a strong female rocker, because if we don't talk about each other, who will?

I’ve seen these words “Gender Equality” pop up a lot lately. People are getting upset with festival line ups that don’t seem to feature many, if any women at all. I feel like an anti-feminist when I say I don’t want this to happen. Before you get angry with me though, let me explain. 

First, yes I am in fact a woman who plays music for a living, so of course I want to hear myself on the radio and to be featured in festivals, but here’s the problem; Festivals already have a hard time selling out their tickets and making a profit on their event. Let’s take any festival and force them to book women and men equally. They’re going to lose some of their audience BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS THE GIRLS! Who is going to buy tickets to this? Not everyone wants to sit through hours and hours of unknown material. If you’re going to check out one unknown band, that’s one thing, but hours and even days of unknown stuff isn’t going to fly. You can’t force a festival to do something when the rest of the industry isn’t following suit. While the festivals is where people are seeing it most blatantly because the poster advertises it’s basically going to be a huge sausage fest, they are not going to exist if they’re the only ones moving on this.

If people want to see change, they have to be the change. Yes, getting philosophical here. It doesn’t just apply to making the world a better place. If you want to see more women at festivals, why don’t you call into your local radio station and request your favourite chick band? If more women were on the radio, selling out shows, and generally being more of a household commodity, then they would be booked at festivals. I recently got in contact with our local rock station and asked “why the hell aren’t you playing Halestorm???” The station advertised that they were coming to town on their website, but weren’t playing any of their music, which would have been the best advertisement, but no. The DJ I talked to said it didn’t “test well”, though he personally loves the band and will try to play them on this special segment of his show where he brings in a new song, kind of a “kick it or pick it” thing. Looking at their online playlist, in the last 24 hours they had played 1 Evanescense song, 1 Bif Naked song, and maybe 2 July Talk songs. All the other bands played were made up of men. So there’s obviously some inequaility, but how can we fix it? It starts with us. There are good bands out there. There are a ton! 

Women have to support each other and not just pretend to support each other. And sorry to say it to all the feminists out there who are going to hate me, but women also have to stay hot and in shape and generally be desirable. You don’t have to be a super model, but if you don’t care about you, no one else will. You want guys to like your music? Look good and then stop writing about that last guy that broke your heart or whatever the hell your sappy shit is about. I’m very proud of our album because there is only one song that even comes close to being about a relationship. This was our intention and a rule we set out when we started. It forced us to think what else is worth writing about and we came up with some pretty kickass ideas. Every song has been co-written in some way which has been great because we’ve been able to combine the male and female perspective. I ultimately have to sing these songs, so they have to feel right to me, but Rob has also been there to make sure they hit him right as a guy.

I know being a woman automatically puts me at a disadvantage, but I look at it as a very positive thing. There is sooooo much room out there for another female rocker. The world is eagerly waiting for me and all the other women to break out and rock their faces off! So if you’re a girl, don’t complain how the industry is biased. Go out and change it. Don’t take no for an answer! Be a pioneer! Support local music in your community and on the radio. Every little bit helps and will create the industry you will be proud to be part of.