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Comfort... what comfort??

This week we were waiting on some people to give us an answer... would they be band members or would they not? The funny thing was, the more we tried to be patient and wait for these people, the more we realized their lack of enthusiasm was telling us everything they weren’t. It made us question why we ever thought those people would work in the first place. So away we went... plan B... a hail mary out on Facebook to see if there was anyone out there. And within 10 minutes we had a few bites -- one that lead to a jam and guess what... we found our members!

These guys are the perfect addition to the band. Not only are they great musicians, but we have great chemistry and they seem to be very optimistic - which we’ll need because Rob and I are pretty cynical at times. Every other day I feel like we’re taking on more than we can handle and I guess that must mean we’re doing it right... the stakes are high... we have nothing to lose and everything to gain... Or some version of that. I think in a nutshell everyone knows that only a few can blast through to the next level and in one minute you might think it’s impossible and the next, a piece of cake. There’s absolutely no comfort in any of it! It’s terrifying to think we might go and beat the odds... and it’s depressing to think we won’t. So maybe let’s just not think about it. Let’s just play music. Let’s play the most complicated music. The stuff that hard to sing; that takes a toll on your body when you play it. Let’s never get comfortable! I thought it was funny that Jacob (bass) had a sore neck after jamming on Friday night... someone rocked out too hard... Perfect. :D

There are a lot of questions to ask, but to come up with the right questions when knowledgeable people are in front of you is the tough part. Also a lot of people seem to have advice, but last I checked, not too many rock bands have come out of Alberta so does anyone really know what they’re doing? Of course the biggest one and most hated band in the world (who knows why???) is Nickelback. Why they don’t get respect for being a rock band coming out of a place where half the crowd only wants to hear country or Sweet Home Alabama is beyond me. I know the way to the top isn’t a straight line. There is no advice you can follow that guarantees you anything. What worked for someone else is never going to work for everyone. It’s unique to every artist/band and for that reason we forge ahead not listening to anyone lol. Ok, we listen, but we take it with a grain of salt. The last thing I want to do is to think someone else knows the way and start following them. Give me a weed wacker and a machete and I’ll make my own way. It may not be glamorous or comfortable, but that’s where the magic happens...