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We’re getting closer... The final vocals are done. There’s officially no more recording to do now, only mixing. We’ve met with the videographer we’ll be working with for our first few videos and it sounds like our vision is going to work out. It’s complicated and I won’t spill the beans yet, but we are super pumped to see it come to life. We’re dying to show everyone what we’ve been working on for these past months! I’ve started booking gigs just on existing relationships. I’m very lucky to have these as most bands need video or at least something to show in order to get their foot in the door. You’ll see our schedule start to fill up as I get the video and album done to send out to people, but in the meantime one here and there will have to do. It’s a terrifying thing, booking gigs without an actual band yet. I’m hoping our people we have an eye on will get to hear a rough copy of the album over the weekend and then we will have to figure out if they have the time to commit to a project like this.

We know a lot of our gigs will be clubs, not just festivals or showcases where you play mainly original songs. We have a list of covers too which I am pumped about. I’m more excited to go play our creation, but having a long list of cool tunes to fill in the rest of the night is exciting in another way. Our current “day job” project Two Bad Apples has been very good to us for the last 2.5 years and we will continue to do special events in that form when we have time, but knowing and playing 1700 songs (not all at once of course) can be tiring. In one night it is not unusual for me to sing Patsy Cline, Heart, Bruno Mars, and Beach Boys all one after the other! The diversity and variety in that project has made us able to play any kind of party or event. You want rock? We got rock. You want 50’s country? We do that too... Oh this is a dance club? Yeah, we do that. Of course we have a computer screen with lyrics and charts in front of us. I can barely remember 100 songs, let alone 1700. The music stand and computer have made the request format possible, but it’s time to toss it aside and rock out. Rob could use a change too. By that I mean, let the man play an electric guitar already!!!! Playing Zeppelin on an acoustic with effects may be pretty awesome for someone seeing it for the first time, but it’s so much more satisfying to rip out a solo with an instrument that will actually sustain the notes and bend and all that other great stuff! I think a piece of his soul dies everytime we play a metal song acoustically lol. Really both of us are dying to just let go again. The last time we did a show where I didn’t have to play a guitar and he had an electric in his hands, he did a solo laying on his back and I fronted that show like a boss. It’s been 2.5 years of restraint. And we’ve had enough!!

So we’re not dropping the other project, if any Two Bad Apples fans were wondering. We still love playing George Strait to a room full of two steppers. You’ll see we have a bunch of events this summer and even Christmas parties already booked. That said, I’ve kept our schedule very open this summer to allow time to finish the album and get everything in order for a big release this fall. We have a pretty good idea when everything will be launched, but that’s an announcement for another day. All I can say is it’s getting closer!