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Acceptance & The F*&k Budget

This week we’ve been rigourously working on getting new guitar tracks on with awesome tones. Rob broke his kick drum beater in half a few weeks ago, so he’s waiting for the new one to come in before he can do any more drum tracks, but the guitar is going well. I’ve been listening to the songs here and there and I’ve found that depending on my mood, sometimes I really don’t like my own voice. Sometimes I do! It’s hard hearing your own voice recorded because it sounds different in your head. I’m pretty much used to it by now. I think most musicians probably hear themselves recorded a lot and don’t have this issue - or maybe they do? I listened to a whole bunch of pop punk-rock bands and realized no one has a show stopping amazing voice, BUT they all have the perfect voice for that band. When we hear it on the radio we don’t question it. We just accept it for what it is and think it sounds pretty cool. I’m talking about bands like The Offspring, RHCP, and Green Day - none of these guys can sing in a conventional way, but it works for what they’re doing and has created some of the most iconic bands of the 90′s-2000′s. It’s not just my opinion. Anthony Keidis, in his biography, says he can’t sing other people’s songs, but the whole chili peppers sound wouldn’t be what it is without him. What is singing anyways?? Who says it has to be pretty? I think everyone can sing. You have to find the right song. If people were judging a singer and comparing to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey every single time, we wouldn’t have Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and other legends that are kind of strange - Neil Young! Tons of singers wouldn’t exist in a world where reality TV judges your performance of someone else’s song. I guess I should add some females in here too. Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks are some of the biggest women in music, (who doesn’t know these ladies!?!?) but by no means would either be winning a season of the Voice today. Reality TV shows are killing artists and frankly annoying the people who actually want to do something that’s an expression of themselves without judgement.

So there you go, something I didn’t know I was going to write about has just come flowing out of me. Reality TV shows are the death of artists. What an idea. Something that’s supposed to be rocketing people to the top, is taking away any chance they have at longevity. I can see from studying enough music that the ones that rise quickly don’t stick around for a long time. The ones that work hard, tour every dive bar across the country, and learn how to perform by doing it over and over and over for YEARS are the ones that have the staying power. 

Now let me return to a former point I just mentioned, but didn’t elaborate on; Judgement. I guess when you go out into public you’re asking for it. I sing a song and people (because they’ve watched enough TV to know what Simon would say) immediately critique your performance. Which, fair enough, go for it. But if I sang a song I wrote and you didn’t like it, all you had to do is leave. I wonder how many people love Stevie Nicks (I do!) and I wonder how many people can’t stand her… or maybe they accept her now because she’s frickin Stevie Nicks, but when she was first out, I bet a bunch of people said she can’t sing. 

The only thing you can do is accept that you are who you are. 

When I was thinking about this post, I thought about when I lived in Vancouver and was trying to be a stunt double for actresses (that’s a whole other story - ask me about it later). Everyone said I would never be good enough because my legs were too muscular and actresses are tiny. Yup, that’s the truth. So I got tired of being told that because after 17 years of kung fu, my legs were never going to get any smaller unless I stopped altogether. So I moved back to Alberta (for multiple reasons) and found a job working at a gym as a personal trainer where guys would tell me I was incredibly sexy because my legs were so muscular… What a strange thing. It really all comes down to perspective. Something that someone else wants you to change about yourself is going to be very appealing to someone else. Bringing this back around to music, acceptance of your voice, your writing, your performance, and trying to be the best at it as you can is the ONLY thing you can do. Anything else is going to be about pleasing someone else and we all know you can’t please everyone so you might as well not even try. Make music that is pleasing to yourself. Act and dress and live the way you want and when people don’t like it, you can sit back and wait for them to get over it without losing any sleep because it’s not in your f**k budget. lol watch this for further clarification. (

There will be people out there that like me and my music and that will be enough. There will be people who don’t like me or my music, but I have a very tight budget so they’ll have to be ok with me not caring that they don’t like me. I’ll be too busy crackin up granite with a heavy lead hammer…