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A Week Without Internet... well kinda

This week we didn’t post anything! Let’s go back to Thursday before the long weekend. Thursday and Friday our neighbours had some pretty heavy machinery in their yard digging it up. My guess was they were working on a sewer line. Our neighbourhood is nice because a lot of the yards, including ours, have these big old trees in them. Our blocks the house from direct southern sun which keeps it really cool in the summer. Somedays it even feels like we have air conditioning! These trees have also been wreaking havoc on the sewer lines with their roots growing every which way they want. The neighbours trees on both sides of us came down this week. The town was trimming ours and when went out to see what was going on they said ours would be going too; not today, but at some point it would have to go. That’s really disappointing, but I guess if they have to dig up our yard at least all our grass will be uprooted and I can turn it into more garden space.

Anyways! Back to the story. Friday night I noticed the internet wasn’t working. Didn’t think much of it because it happens occasionally. It was late anyways so we went to bed. Saturday we get up and still no internet, but we have to go and play the next two nights anyways, so we decide we will wait till late Sunday night when we get home to see if it starts working again. Sunday came along and it was still not working, so we called and they scheduled a technician to come out on Thursday. In the meantime, we wouldn’t have internet. We still had it on our phone of course, but I’m not about to upload videos to YouTube and edit websites on a data plan. We never get through our data. We have 4GB and barely ever even use 1GB each month. I don’t know how people go through it so quickly. I feel like I’m always looking something up online whenever we’re out. I mean ALWAYS! I read a lot of articles. We have never hit 4GB. We easily could have been hotspotting the phone to our computers, but why not take the excuse not to be online all day every day like my usual. I was nice. I still looked stuff up online and I did hotspot to send a few emails with attachments that I couldn’t send from the phone, but other than that, it was somewhat quiet.

I think the internet is nice if you have to look something up. Obviously the unlimited amount of information available to us is unreal. It did make me wonder though, what if everyone lost internet. What would you do if you had to call someone to get a recipe or to find out what they’re doing Friday night? To get a date? So many things happen online now and I was obviously born in the wrong time because I could do without it. I would take the information and give up the rest. We don’t even know if the information is correct - there’s so much of it! - so what does it matter if we know it or not? What did people do before? Read a book? Sit and wonder about a subject forever I guess. I never had a cell phone growing up (I’m so old??). Rob and I share a cell phone now because we’re always together, but the few times I’ve had to go somewhere without him we have to think about who takes the phone. Usually whoever is driving our one vehicle will take it because what would you do if you got into an accident or into some kind of unforeseen trouble?? What did our parents do when they had to drive from one place to another without a phone!?!? The whole technology thing is something I know isn’t going anywhere, but if it did crash I’d be a happy camper. The internet that is. People might actually have to go out to a bar to hear a band instead of watching whatever YouTube clip. They might have to do a lot of things that people have stopped doing. We have turned into a society that sits at home instead of going out and being social. “Social” media is anything but social. I try to stay positive about it and see how advances in technology can benefit us as a band. It’s easier to get information/music to people, but there’s also so much of it that it’s hard to have any staying power. I for one have zero short term memory anymore. I can’t even remember what you asked me to do 20 minutes ago unless I make a note and try to remember. Most things are in one ear and out the other. Technology will remember my schedule. I have an app for that. Why use up memory for something this computer in my pocket will do for me?

The last time we were without internet for the most part was on the cruise ship. When we did hook up all we used it for was downloading documentaries off YouTube for watching later on the ship and talking to our family at home. Really the ships weren’t terrible... except the part where we had to live there too and listen to all their demented rules... I guess they were terrible, but that’s another story. The no internet thing and not having a cell phone in your pocket constantly was easy and actually really great.

It’s a crazy thing, but until Rob lets me be a tomato farmer I guess I will be stuck with technology. We’ll be posting again soon. The Telus guy came out and accessed the problem, but couldn’t fix it himself. (He came while we were locked out of our own house LOL again, another story) They must have fixed it over night because we woke up with a connection again, though we had to just get up and run out of the house to get to our afternoon Two Bad Apples show in Edmonton. What a week...