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A Second Album

They say writing the second album is always the hardest. Mostly because with the first album, you’ve been writing for years and years just waiting for an opportunity to record something so you might have hundreds of songs and it’s easy to just pick the best ones and throw together a spectacular album. The second album, you’re spending most of your time on the road promoting the first, so you have very little time to write and let’s face it - no one wants to hear another song about “leaving” or “hotel rooms” or whatever else road life might consist of. It takes some serious creativity to find inspiration for a second album, if you didn’t just fluke off in the first place with the first one.

Our whole process actually wasn’t this way at all, though the second album has still been somewhat of a struggle up to now - mainly knowing what direction to choose. The first album, as many of you already know, we sat down last January and wrote the entire album in 30 days - with the exception of The Devil Drinks Whisky which was written 3 years prior and actually the first song Rob and I ever wrote together. So we took 30 days to write our first album, but we had a lot to say so it all came pouring out. We also had no real idea of what the band was going to be about or sound like or perform like - nothing. No preconceived ideas. We were just going with the flow and didn’t have anyone to answer to. We still don’t have anyone to answer to, but we do have fans that will of course be interested in what the second album will be. We also are thinking more about our live performance and what kind of reaction we want crowds to have to our music. That makes a difference too. So it’s giving us a little focus, but with that focus comes a bit of writers block. I let Rob write as much as he can. He generally wakes up, makes breakfast, drinks his coffee, reads some of his book (whatever biography he happens to be reading - right now he’s reading Travis Barker - which should provide some serious inspiration!), walks the dog and then heads downstairs and creates all day and night. He breaks for supper but not for much else.

Today he was frustrated about the lack of interesting ideas he felt he was putting out so I kicked him out of the house (with the dogs) and went downstairs to listen to EVERYTHING he had created in the last couple months... there was a lot. And there was a lot of really good stuff that just needed a nudge in the right direction. I don’t sugarcoat things when I critique, but it’s also not to be taken personal. A lot of the songs you’ll hear on the next album currently sit in the form of “awesome guitar hook, great verses - shitty chorus” or “lyrics are nonsense but music is great - fix”. But I was able to elaborate on some of what he had written which I think was all he needed to get excited about it again. A few new words on a page and bam we have a chorus and now one more song is pretty much done. Some don’t need much fixing at all! It’ll take some time, but we have a lot of days in February to solidify things and hopefully get most of the tracks recorded so he can do some mixing when we’re on the road in late March/April/May & June. Our goal is to have a second album before we leave for our crazy USA tour next winter. I think it’s definitely doable and am super excited to hear the sound of the new album - which is a little different than the last one, but totally awesome. Everyone must evolve and we certainly are. Things are changing constantly around here, but all for the better. We’re learning as we go and that’s really all we can do. Keep playing and keep creating - if we can pull it off that’ll be a pretty crazy life.