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A New Reason To Blog

Check out this picture... what a vocal beast of a man! But we'll get to that later.

I’m guessing there’s a few people that have made it a resolution to blog this January and as much as my title could be leading you to think that’s my reason, it is not. Last night I stopped into my parent’s place and was showing them all the concerts I’ve been watching on YouTube lately and told them to watch the best ones (my favourite of the bunch being Aerosmith in Rio 2017 cause Steven Tyler still kills it!). My mom brought up that I had Aerosmith tickets when I was 16 but the show was cancelled for some reason. Damn, I wish I could have gone, but more so I wish I remembered that even being true… I’m known to some people as the one with the memory. I remember dates, birthdays, names… Why do I not remember certain things about growing up?? It’s not like they were that long ago. So I’ve decided the best way to have memories, aside from taking pictures of EVERYTHING, is to write about my life, specially as we head out on a new phase, new adventures, and some very new struggles.

What I’m referring to here is of course our life as a rock band, specifically the rock band called #FeelGoodJacket. You know, the kind where you hug yourself all day? Feels good. I had a “band” in college. And I say “band” cause it was just 2 of us and we went to shows and jammed a bit, but we never actually played. But we wrote songs and came up with what I think is a pretty interesting name, as far as names go. Picking a band name is hard. Really when I think of most band names, I think you’re calling yourself what??? Evanescense literally means here and gone… why would you call yourself that? There are some pretty good names out there too, but a lot of them are cool because of the identity of the band – that comes with the music and fame and everything all in one package. So the way I see it is pick and name and stick to it cause one day it’ll be awesome when everyone loves your music. I just read Steven Tyler's biography which was awesome in so many ways. He has so many stories, including how they came up with their name, but I won't ruin it. Just go read it. You'll laugh a lot.

So I’ll keep my first blog short and sweet. I want to be able to remember every leg of this process. Right now it’s recording but soon it’ll be finding the final members and then photoshoots, video shoots, marketing, booking, grant writing, and so much more. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I feel excited about the possibilities. Now having an original thing to promote (as opposed to being a cover band) I can really go all out and be the publicist/manager and wear every other hat you can think of. Here’s to a new beginning!