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5 Shows in 2 Weeks...

How do you get a band out of the basement and playing in front of real audiences? Hmm, well I’m not too sure. When I’m not sure about something I tend to just close my eyes and jump. That seems to be what we did and turns out it’s not so bad. We had been working on things for a while and I didn’t feel very good about sitting and waiting for a drummer to find us so I booked a bunch of shows; 24 to be exact. 2 text messages to 2 bar owners and we were booked for 12 weeks. That takes us from the first week of October to the week right before Christmas. Pretty good timing. We booked the shows and then a drummer showed up. I don’t think it actually had anything to do with us actually having shows. I’ll remind everyone I had booked a bunch of shows before and had to cancel them because our drummer left us, and then the next drummer left and so on. But this time it worked.

If you’re unaware of these shows Wednesdays are at Bunkers Sports Pub in North Edmonton and Thursdays are at Rednex Bar & Grill in Morinville. Both nights start at 7pm and are pretty much the same show... for now. We may start practicing different sets for different nights, but for now we’re just enjoying playing and getting comfortable on stage with each other. Rob and I have spent our fair share of time on stage with people staring at us, but we didn’t know how the guys would do since they have less experience, but they’re doing very well. Still a few bugs to work out, but it’s far from the worst case scenario I had prepared myself for. This past week someone asked me how many years we’d been a band... I had to say, um not years... shows... literally 5 shows. So that’s an awesome.

It’s been a blast so far. Lots of learning and teaching. Lots of gear... holy cow. I forgot how much gear it takes for a full band to play. We’ve been extremely spoiled in the last few years playing as a duo. Our set up literally could be done in 20 minutes if we hurried. The band is a whole other thing; way more lights, smoke machine, drums, mic the drums, larger PA with speaker cables I don’t understand, banners, merch, monitors and mics for everyone and then everyone’s instruments and I’m back to using in ear monitors. A fast set up would be an hour at this point I think. But we will test that out this coming weekend. So far Jacob is usually joining the band after we’re pretty much set up since he’s coming straight from work. (sucks to be him) But we don’t mind setting everything up. He helps with tear down and no one feels like he doesn’t do his share. This coming weekend we’ll be leaving Friday night, driving the bus to Valemount for a Saturday night show. So we will get there Saturday afternoon and arrive altogether, so maybe I will time the set up. It could be fun.

Battle Rock was released this week, and though it came out officially online on Friday, we received the physical discs Wednesday and sold a few at the shows ahead of the release. We’re super pumped about how much people enjoy our tunes when we play live. The covers we’ve chosen are great, but everyone agrees the best part is playing our own music. Some people haven’t been able to tell which were covers and which were ours. Alcohol may have had something to do with that in some cases, but not all. It is awesome that we have such a catchy and musically thrilling album. (someone else’s words! not mine lol) We’re also on Spotify now and YouTube Music. I should find the actual list of sites we’ve been added to. Pretty much anywhere there is streaming you will find our tunes. Now that’s exciting.

So now that the album is out and we’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and book the band everywhere, my job has really just begun. Even on a night where I decided maybe I would just relax I find myself writing a blog to take a break from emailing venues and press. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore; just sending emails constantly. Looking forward to November we have 16 shows right now for the month and I still am working on a few more to fill in some gaps. Seeing we have more shows than we do days off is very cool. Life is essentially the same, but it feels different. It’s felt like this for a while though... Like we’re about to do something incredible. I guess I haven’t had butterflies in my stomach in a few years. It must mean something though. I guess we will find out!