Danielle Edge and Rob Kaup met in September 2014 at a weekday jam at a local pub. They were introduced by mutual friends, but didn’t really get to know each other until much later in the year. In January 2015 Rob began recording some tracks for Danielle’s solo music project. Rob’s main gig at the time was the drummer for a touring country-rock band. In April, the band needed a new singer and Danielle took the position. They worked together in that project for the remainder of the year and set out on their own as of January 1, 2016. They created a duo called Two Bad Apples and took requests every night, playing all genres. This project was very successful as far as local cover bands go, but left them wanting something more.


Feel Good Jacket began officially in January of 2018 when Danielle and Rob set out to take a holiday to the United States; Texas, New Orleans, Arizona. Upon arriving at the border they hit a wall, figuratively. There were 5 hours of intense interrogation. Rob was locked in a cell and made an example of for the new TSA agents being trained that day. When they were finally released, they were sent home to Canada and denied entry. No criminal records, no illegal possessions... But anyone who can make their living anywhere they go will encounter this problem. Try running an online business and traveling to the States. You’ll be treated like a criminal just as they were. Turned around and angry, with an empty schedule for 2.5 months - what would they do now? Make a rock album of course.


Upon arriving home they proceeded to write a song a day for the entire month of January. February through April Rob played and recorded each instrument himself, they finalized the lyrics and vocals, and then came the tedious task of mixing and mastering. April through till the end of August Rob spent every moment of free time crafting the perfect album until it had a comparable audio quality of something you might hear on the radio.


In October 2018 they began playing shows as a 4 piece band with the album BATTLE ROCK ready to roll. In December 2018 they become a power trio and in late April 2019 they returned to Rock Duo, but this time with a bit more attitude than before. With a new idea and the fire raging inside, the original 2 remain dedicated to creating original music that stands out as just that; original. Creating a second album on the road may be just what they need. Stay tuned!