The spaceman travels lost alone

A million lightyears from his home

Deprived of what he knew in youth

Firm belief, the truth

Is that we're all alone

Appearing right before his eyes

Of unquantifiable size

A menacing and battered craft

With cannons forth and aft

Of darkened cold stone

A voice that he could understand

Within his thoughts a drifting sand

Talked of powers they deployed

And all that it destroyed

In futures long ago

I think my dreams are bought and sold

Within a sleep I lost my hold

Sometimes I wake to an alarm

No feeling in my arm

My fingers are so cold

It said comforting

Relax with me

I'm your own security

Allow me to reload

You don't have a place to go

I've had about enough of it

Why don't you humans ever quit

Just quit

(Raise shields, arm battle cannons)

(4, 3, 2, 1)

You're lacking in dimension

Never do fail to mention

How you feel so alone

But then continue breaking bones

I've got to kill you now

Extermination I have vowed

When thirty thousand years ago

I came in peace to meet your globe

Hit hard upon my stoney cheek

Did not believe the words I speak

Much to my surprise

All you talk are lies

(destruction eminent)

Enless lies

(engage pursuit)

The spaceman barely making flight

His damaged ship taking on ice

Near behind the hobbled stone

He's got to be the first to get back home

Get back home

He's got to make it home

And warn them of the Battle Rock

Ooo, ooo

Warn them of the Battle Rock