Once upon a time Blondie & Metallica got high with David Bowie. Their lovechild was the rock band Feel Good Jacket; the female fronted rebirth of classic hard rock. A mothership of driving guitar riffs, explosive drums, and crushing bass lines.


The evolution of Feel Good Jacket has been an interesting ride. Feel Good Jacket began in January 2018 when Rob Kaup and Danielle Edge were denied a 2.5 month holiday and instead found themselves at home with no plans. So they made a rock album... and it was good. Upon completing Battle Rock they formed a 4 piece band, but it didn't last very long. In November 2018 Danielle picked up the bass, booted their current bass player and they continued on as a power trio. The problem was yet to be solved however. After drummer #4, the original two decided it was best to carry on as a duo with a little digital help in the drum department. It turned out to be the best version of the band and they continue playing shows without a real drummer to this day. With a second album in the writing stages, it's only a matter of time before new music is hitting your ear drums. Until then, listen on Spotify, YouTube, and many other streaming platforms or purchase your very own copy of Battle Rock right here or at a show - Click here for Tour Dates!



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